Atlas Enterprise

The Atlas Enterprise Family of offerings inspire neurosurgeons to push the boundaries of technical excellence and art of surgery through innovation, advancing the care of patients worldwide.

Each product in the Atlas Enterprise family pushes the boundaries of how surgeons prepare, perform, and collaborate.

Artistry, Technology, and Collaboration

This nonprofit and our flagship organization, also known as the Bible of Neurosurgery, has inspired a devoted global community with over 70,000 members. The Neurosurgical Atlas unveils novel and efficient techniques for brain surgery. Its mission is to push the boundaries of surgical excellence, education, and innovation to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

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An indispensable tool for neurosurgical strategy, intelligence, and performance, Atlas Meditech leverages virtual twin worlds, artificial intelligence algorithms, and advanced technologies to provide operative guidance and confidence beyond the capabilities of master surgeons.

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Atlas Link is the only exclusive, private networking and collaboration platform that elevates the personal profiles of its members. This platform has ignited a movement within the global neurosurgical community to share insights and solve complex challenges.

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Atlas Marketplace offers the most modern surgical instruments made by surgeons and for surgeons. These next generation instruments transform the surgeons' maneuvers through innovative configurations and ergonomic handling, vetted to establish a new level of excellence.

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Visionary Founder

Dr. Cohen has made it his life’s work to meticulously study the art of brain surgery and has developed innovative resources that empower the global healthcare community. He is one of only 11 recipients of the Vilhelm Magnus medal for the work with The Neurosurgical Atlas, referred to as the Nobel Prize in Neurosurgery.

“The pursuit of technical excellence in neurosurgery is a passion and not a job. My philosophy has always been to do the best anyone can, rather than do the best I can.”

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